Theurgic Rituals

Church Rituals

Each sect has its own rites, associated with its patron saint and Virtues. The cost for a character to learn another sect’s rites is normally +1 Extra point per level or 3x current rating in experience points. Sometimes, a character does not even have to go to a member of that sect to learn the rite — a hoary old master within his own sect may know it, usually changed somewhat to more properly reflect his own sect’s ceremonies. However, he must still pay the increased cost for this rare rite.

Common Rituals, All Sects may learn these at regular Cost.

Urth Orthodox Rituals, for members of the Sect of the Orthodox Church.

Brother Battle Rituals, for the Elite Fighting Sect.

Eskatonic Rituals, for the Science Sect of the Church.

Temple Avesti Rituals, for the Inquisitions favourite Sect

Sanctuary Aeon Rituals, for the healers of Saint Almathea

Theurgic Rituals

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