Psi Rules

Psi powers are listed by the Psi level required to learn the power, the roll required to activate the power (usually a Spirit characteristic + skill), the unmodified range and duration once activated, and the Wyrd point cost to activate the power (the point is spent only if the roll succeeds or is a critical failure). Psychics can modify these powers somewhat by increasing the range or duration of the power or adding additional targets.

Multiple Targets
Unless otherwise specified, powers may be used on only one target at a time. There is one way to adjust this: spending Wyrd points. A character may affect one extra target for each Wyrd point she spends specifically for this purpose. However, she suffers a -1 to her goal roll for each Wyrd point spent beyond that required to activate the power. Some powers cannot affect more than one target; see the power descriptions.

The base ranges are: touch, sight, sensory (anywhere within a character’s direct senses, including hearing; not through live radio or television speakers), and distance. Each power has a range listed. To extend the range, a character must spend Wyrd points. It costs one Wyrd point to extend to the next level (from touch to sight or from sight to sensory, etc.). Once distance is determined, use the chart below:

Distance Cost
1 kilometer 1 (base for distance ranged powers)
5 kilometers 2
10 kilometers 3
25 kilometers 4
50 kilometers 5
100 kilometers 6
1,000 kilometers 7
planetwide 8
solar system 9
interstellar 10 (psychics have been known to go mad trying this)

The character will suffer a -1 penalty to his goal roll for each Wyrd point spent to extend his range.

Some powers cannot extend their ranges or have an upper limit to how far they may be extended; see power descriptions. Powers with no range listed have no range and cannot be extended.
NOTE: A character watching a distant foe with FarSight must still spend the above distance costs to use Crushing Hand against him; FarSight simply allows him to target the foe.

The duration for many psychic powers is instant, although some last for a span or longer; see the power description.

Durations are designated as:

Duration Effect
Instant: The power lasts for one turn.
Temporary: The power lasts for 10 turns.
Prolonged: The power lasts for one span.
Perpetual: The power is effectively permanent

(Notes on “Perpetual”; its effects will fade with time and distance from the target and must be reinforced with use. If a year passes without any contact between the psychic and the target, the power’s effect ceases.)

Each power has its duration listed with it. To extend the duration, a character must spend Wyrd points. It costs one Wyrd point to extend to the next level (from instant to temporary or from temporary to prolonged). Most powers cannot be extended to perpetual; it must be stated in the power description that the power can be perpetual or else no amount of Wyrd will make it so. Instead, to extend a prolonged power, spend 1 Wyrd per additional span. The psychic suffers a -1 to her goal roll for each Wyrd point spent to extend duration.

Wyrd Cost
The symbol W in the power descriptions symbolizes Wyrd. Hence, 1W means 1 Wyrd point.

Psi Rules

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