Psi Paths

The path of FarHand, or Psychokinesis, was one of the most intensively studied at the Phavian Institute, for many considered it the most “practical” category of psychic powers. FarHand deals with the manipulation of physical objects and energy fields through the application of pure will. The range for nearly all FarHand powers is sight, which cannot be extended without one of the Sixth Senses (like FarSight or Shared Sense). When a “physical” Strength or Dexterity rating is needed for a FarHand power, use Passion.

The Omen path seeks to expand normal time-bound human awareness to include perceptions of the past and possible futures, known in the Phavian Institute as Postcognition and Precognition, respectively. Knowledge of past events is a fairly straightforward matter — whatever happened, happened. Visions of the future are trickier, however, since they can only represent the possible results of actions in the present. Knowledge of future events can be used either to prevent them from occurring or to ensure that they will occur.

The path of Psyche refers to the old Phavian designation of Telepathy, the direct transference of thought and feeling from one mind to another. Originally the Institute focused its studies on the more passive and receptive side of telepathy, like Intuit and MindSight, but since the fall of the Second Republic, the aggressive potential of telepathy, illustrated by powers like HeadShackle and BrainBlast, has come to predominate.
Players should be reminded that their characters may try to block mental intrusions with an Ego or Faith + Stoic Mind roll (or Psi or Theurgy + Stoic Mind), whichever is higher.

Sixth Sense
Known in the old Phavian Institute as Extra-Sensory Perception, this path seeks to cultivate modes of perception which are considered to be inherent in all sentient beings, but which are seldom or never consciously accessed.

The path of Soma (also called Prana Bindu) is the culmination of many ancient Urthish techniques of body control, and was one of the earliest established departments in the Phavian Institute. Since the Fall, the majority of this path’s practitioners have found employment only as travelling medicine show freaks.
No ranges are listed for these powers, since they affect only the psychic herself.

This path was little known to the Phavian Institute, perhaps because research on psychic groups was rare, as most psychics tended to work alone. With the rise of the psychic covens of the Dark Ages — a response to the Church’s ban on psychic powers — this path became somewhat more prevalent. It is still largely unknown outside of the covens.

Vis Craft
Practically unknown to the researchers of the Phavian Institute, the power of energy control and manipulation is still rare in the 51st century. Vis (Latin for “energy”) Crafters can manipulate material energy: kinetic, electric and fusion, and some can manipulate spiritual energies (Wyrd). One cannot work with such power, however, and remain unmoved — Vis Crafters tend to be excitable and passionate people, sometimes twitchy and nervous, unable to stay still for long. Also, just because a psychic can manipulate energy doesn’t mean she fully understands it; this may require a Tech + Science (Physics) roll.

The dervishes follow this path, and they learn to create mass confusion through the power of their bodies and wills. A number of leading psychics have studied this path since it reached something approaching official sanction during the Emperor Wars. As a result, they developed a variety of powers at each of the levels, and that is reflected in the path listing. Except where noted in the description, Bedlam cannot be resisted like mind-based psychic powers; it must be resisted physically (dodge, parry, etc)

This rare and fabled path allows the psychic to project illusions of progressively believability. Never fully studied by the Phavian Institute, its practitioners are secretive and reclusive, avoiding any discovery since they are feared and distrusted by most Known Worlders almost as much if not more than telepaths.

Cloaking and Turning
These two paths are extremely rare and have never been studied scientifically. Their existance is whispered of in covens, and those who claim to have discovered a person practicing them are usually discredited as unreliable witnesses. In fact, training in the paths of Turning and Cloaking is only available through the highest echelons of organised covens like the Favyana or the Invisible Path.

In this path the psychic learns to conceal not only his physical presence, but his aura and thoughts as well.

Turning allows the psychic to defend herself against psychic attacks and theurgic rites, often by redirecting the assault back upon the attacker.

Psi Paths

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