Random acts of grace can occur and do, according to many eyewitnesses of miracles. The Church, however, does not always agree with common accounts, and appears to have much narrower criteria for identifying miracles than the average peasant. This has lead many secular scholars to wonder just how often the Pancreator takes a personal hand in the lives of humanity, and how many miraculous occurrences are lost to history, because it was politically inexpedient for the Church to recognize them as such.

In play, any character may pray for a miracle. The gamemaster should put as much emphasis on roleplaying the prayer as possible. Have the praying character’s player recite her prayer aloud for the group. Note exactly what is being asked for, and why. If the player is only seeking to further her or her group’s interests, without regard for the greater good they might do with divine aid, a miracle is not called for. This is a wild card that characters can call on at times, although it may very well not work — few get a personal answer from the Pancreator. The roll is Faith; no skill is added and no theurgic training is needed as one cannot conduct a miracle into existence the way one casts a rite. One Wyrd point is spent. If the character has no Wyrd points, he can still pray for a miracle, but if it is granted, he cannot naturally regain Wyrd for one week.

Below are some general guidelines for miracles based on the successes:

Successes Miracle
1 – 3 Simple fortuitous events which could just as easily happen without divine intervention, but are especially beneficial for the characters: finding a needed item or bit of information; bumping into the very person who can help out the party; timely intercession by parents, mentors, lieges, etc.
4 – 5 Less likely events: a runaway vehicle collides with an assassin; an attacking beast is calmed or frightened away by a certain color worn by a character; an Amalthean punches out an evildoer; the check clears the bureaucratic red tape in time to save the orphanage, etc.
6 – 7 Extreme longshots which are not impossible but highly improbable: lightning strikes an attacker; all shots in a close firefight miss the characters, etc.
8 Minor impossibilities: a broken machine runs one last time; a Reeve gives away his riches to charity; a disinterested passerby decides to trust the characters without being fast-talked or duped, etc.
9 Strange unexplainable events: omens, visions and revelations; voices from the sky; a mysterious stranger who saves the day then vanishes, etc.
10 Deeply profound, soul-stirring events: mass visions; parting seas; new constellations in the heavens; an Avestite judge shows clemency, etc.
Critical Totally undeniable impossibilities: raising the dead; halting the sun; surviving the vacuum of space, etc.


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