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Your Character will likely (99%) Belong to one of the Power Groups, or Alien Races of the Known Worlds. There are other options, but I want to keep it simple for first characters.

These are the Power Groups:
Those Who Rule
Those Who Pray
Those Who Trade

And the Alien Races:
Those Who Differ

Creating a new Character

To create a new character, formulate a concept, ideally from one from the above listed groups, and how it interacts with the rest of the group. Remember this is a 8-9 person Group, so “loner” style characters won’t last very long.

If your Character is Human, Then choose Life-Path Character Generation or Advanced Character Generation (first characters where possible will all use Life-Path system), and follow each step of the appropriate method.

If your Character is Alien, then see the appropriate source material or book for the Generation Method.

NOTE: Literacy is NOT standard. If you do not have a “Read” Skill, you can not read.

Crew of the Praying Mantis.

Equipment Tables and Descriptions

Okay. Here are a few links to things you may want to know.

Natural Skills
Learned Skills
Blessings, Curses, Benefices and Afflictions
Tech and Tech Levels
Money and Wages
Passage of Time In Game
Inciting Passion or Keeping a Steady Hand
Remaining Calm IMPORTANT
All About Jumpgates

Main Page

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