The dark side of theurgy. Hubris has many levels of sin; those given below are the most common.

Whenever a theurge fumbles a theurgy rite roll (or a Theurgy roll), her Hubris — overweening pride before the Pancreator — grows. Unlike Urge, Hubris is with a character always — the effects lasts until the character has lost the level of Hubris which empowers them (unless stated otherwise in the description). Hubris comes in many forms, but the levels listed below are the most common.

Hubris is not a split personality or a dark entity growing in the character; it is the character’s own human fallibility before the divine. Lack of humility leads to overweening pride at one’s ability to call forth miraculous powers, powers which are supposed to be the Pancreator’s gift, not the character’s own will exerting itself. Extreme Hubris can lead to a loss of faith.

Hubris Powers


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