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The Dark Between The Stars

Arc 2 of Fading Suns and Flaming Heresies.

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Now you know the truth. Your Father sacrificed his name, his estate, his family, to find a way to protect humankind. He is a hero. An unsung, unknown hero. And now he is Gone. No one will really know what happened on Almathea, no one except you and your allies. And maybe the Emperor.

At least you have earned the status of Questing Knight, permitted by the Emperor to investigate threats to the Throne, and to Humanity in his name. Some recognition at last for a family that has always been the “viper” in the Royal Court. With your Retinue, and your new allies, you are about to set forth on the most important quest of all. The quest to save Mankind.

PLEASE make sure that your character is here on the site, and up to date before the End of February, to give JJ a chance to plan specific things ahead of the curve. He will be tweaking before Arc 2 Commences. Some things will improve, some things will be lost. There will be 6 months “unplayed time” between the return to the Known Worlds at the end of Arc 1, and the start of Arc 2. JJ is intending to write little intro’s for each character still in play (as in: up to date on here)

I have gotten most of the information I need to work on the updates. However, I am still needing to check Theurgic and Psychic abilities, and any “special combat skills” (such as parry, disarm etc). I have these for the Earl, Inquisitor Vila’Toth, Taranto Marina, Doctor Turk, Brother Battle, and Father Gregory. If Nanny Feyd has any of them, please let Me know ASAP.

* Chris – Earl Oric Ivanovich – Questing Knight GM Tweaked 18/4/14
* NPCWashington ‘Wash’ Jones, Loyal Charioteer
* NPC‘Bosworth’, Companion and personal servant to Oric

* Paul – Vila’toth, Avestite Inquisitor (Spiritual Advisor) Updated 10/4/14
* NPCHelena, Inquisitor Vila`toth’s young assistant, altar girl, and Street Rat Updated 10/4/14

* Stace – Turk Middlesworth, Gannock Doctor (Personal Physician) GM Tweaked 18/4/14
* NPCFrank, Turk’s layabout and slightly lazy brother
* NPCNurse Vera, A nurse who has taken a professional shine to Turk

* Jodie – Nanny Feyd, Ukari Assassin (and Governess)
* NPCHadrian “Buzz” Sawston, One of Feyds old squad, still reliving the Horrors of War

* Rob – Brother Battle, Brother Battle Warrior Monk
* NPC‘Bob’ the Vorox child, ‘rescued’ by the Brother Battle

* Mark – Taranto Marina, Engineers guild Human Electronic and High Tech Engineering Specialist GM Tweaked 17/4/14
* NPCPatrick, Taranto’s former Navy steward.

* *Lizzie – Rowan

* Simon – Father Gregory, Beloved Old Preist. Great Sermoniser. Updated 25/2/14

I Plan to start this arc sometime in Summer. Exact Date to be Confirmed.

Okay. Here are a few links to things you may want to know.

Power Groups: Those who Rule, Pray, Trade and Differ
Character Creation Section
Natural Skills
Learned Skills
Blessings, Curses, Benefices and Afflictions
Rules Section
Skill/Goal Rolls, Victory Dice and Victory Chart
Accents and Accented Victory Chart
Damage/Armour/Effect Dice
Unarmed Combat and Martial Arts (Martial Arts Actions Chart)
Fencing (Fencing Actions Chart)
Gunmanship (Shooting Actions Chart)
Occult Rules Section
Occult Powers and Occult Defense
Psi (Psi Rules) (Psi Paths) and Urge Gaining and Losing Urge
Theurgy (Theurgy Rules) (Theurgic Rituals) and Hubris Gaining and Losing Hubris
Calling On The Pancreator
Equipment Section
Tech and Tech Levels
Money, Wages and Banking
Other Rules and Backgrounds Section
Passage of Time In Game
Inciting Passion or Keeping a Steady Hand
Remaining Calm IMPORTANT
All About Jumpgates
Fading Suns Timeline (Human Perspective)

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