Heavy Weapons

Characters are more likely to encounter (and want) heavy weapons than they will most of the other tools of warcraft. This category includes weapons larger than the standard rifle but which can be carried into battle by one person. Most of these weapons utilize larger power cells, bigger magazines or different kinds of ammunition, and many require a crew to operate them effectively. The most primitive are slug throwers which have a higher rate of fire than do their smaller brethren. The most sophisticated are giant blaster cannons, web missiles and high-powered wave guns.

Light Machinegun (TL5): Manufactured by the Jahnisak weaponsmiths, this is one of the more common support weapons currently available, having found users on all sides of the Emperor Wars. Small and not especially effective, it does continue the Jahnisak reputation for ruggedness and reliability.

Grenade Launcher (TL5): This relatively cheap weapon is often used for squad support. A little bigger than a shotgun, it fires specially designed grenades (also made by the Dreskel family and costing somewhat more than a standard grenade). While extremely accurate at short range, it loses something the farther away the target is.

Rocketeer (TL5): A hand-held rocket launcher a little bit larger than a shotgun. The most famous model, the Nightstorm, is well-loved by the Muster, for it helped them win the Battle of Barga Gully on Sutek during the Emperor Wars, a decisive conflict. The standard load is a miniature but powerful grenade (radius of 3 meters) in a clip of five.

Missile Launcher (TL4): Missiles fill a number of different roles in the Fading Suns, being used against land, sea and air vehicles; fortifications; spacecraft; and people.
The standard missile launcher (a Dreskel bazooka) is a point and shoot weapon. It takes an entire turn to reload a missile launcher; soldiers usually have teams of two: one to load, one to fire. Technicians have developed a wide array of warheads for them as well, including high explosive charges, armour-piercing shapes, incendiary devices, non-lethal shockers, and energy blasts.

Heavy Weapons

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