The guilds may be all that remain of the giant corporations of the Second Republic, but they have carved out an important place in the Empire. While nobles may snub them and priests may call them sinners, the merchants know they provide a necessary service — one neither the houses or the sects could get along without.


Some Charioteers claim that they own the space lanes, and their claim is not far off.
Master pilots and master traders both, they fly from star to star with cargo, sometimes illegal, but always highly prized.

More than just mechanics, the Engineers recreate old tech, discover their own innovations, and merge them all into their lives and (sometimes) bodies. The Engineers do not offer their services to everyone, and even those they do help often wonder if it was worth the cost.

This guild got its start recovering old technology, but the uses it found for these artifacts gave it a whole new role. Now it has casino space stations, slot machines, pharmaceutical labs and more, all protected by some of the best enforcers in the business.

The Muster (Chainers)
The Muster is the kind of bogeyman parents use to scare children: a guild which specializes in the trade of people. While their main role is to act as agent for skilled workers like mercenaries, technicians, engineers, and occasional entertainers, they’ve also picked up a (well-deserved) reputation as slavers.

Reeves (Gray Faces)
Often acting quietly behind the scenes, the Reeves have a reputation as the richest and most avaricious guild members. It is not a reputation they fight. They do fight anyone who tries to take their money away.


The Masque

While the Amaltheans are renowned for their healing abilities not all wish to be the recipient of their penance or remedies. Many prefer to trust to well high-technology alternative of healing. Although their prices may be exorbitant their services are the best. Accusations have been levelled that this guild sometimes delves into forbidden biotechnology such as cloning.

The Authority
One of the few minor guilds to maintain the monopoly of an entire planet. The Authority controls all trade and merchandise in Byzantium Secundus, they are officially a water-gate guild and maintain the systems of dykes, damns and locks that preserve the land against the rising levels of water.

This guild provides to the public clean food and water, a necessity in modern times with so many pollutants in the land and air. While most brewers are merely publicans and barkeeps who pay commission to the Brewers Guild they do ensure that a standard is kept.

One of the two major entertainment guilds in the Known Worlds. The Carnivaliers deal with what is distainfully known as ‘low-brow’ entertainment by the nobility who prefer the services of The Masque. The Carnivaliers provide street theatre, circus performance, juggling, acrobatics and animal menageries.

The Courtesans guild is more than mere prostitution. They are refined and elite companions of high-society. They ensure that their clientele receives elegant companionship who are capable of drawing upon a vast network of gossip and information.

This guild tends to serve high-society providing exquisite cuisine from across the Known-Worlds. They are also trained to be able to detect attempts at poisoning and are entrusted to cater for the nobility.

The Masque
One of two major entertainment guilds, they produce high-society entertainment the the nobility and peasantry together. They provide theatrical representations of history as it is made (often written at the direction of a noble or other benefactor). They are also in charge of the remaining Magic Lanterns and any other hi-technology entertainment.

This secretive faction is part guild and part revolutionary terrorist. Their operations can be as simple as prank that humiliates a dignitary, as subtle as the shade of colour of a substituted flag or as chaotic as the release of alien creatures in an urban setting.
The organisation remains profoundly illegal and their members anonymous. Their true purposes remain a mystery to even most of their members.

The Merchants League remains duplicitous on the subject of the Mercurians at times welcoming their contribution and at other times denying their existence. Historically its roots are in the drop out culture of the Second Republic.

The Oubliette
The mysteries of the mind is an area few people are familiar with. The Oubliette are the remnants of Second Republic psychologists trying to rediscover the lost art of Mind Physick. Their methods are highly experimental and have a reputation of doing more damage than good.

The art of teaching is not lost in the New Dark Ages, however it is far from common practice. The Pedagogues tend to cater their services to the education of youth specifically that of governesses, personal tutors and other educators.

Public Opinion is not longer the concern of the free media. While there is little in the way of mass media or literacy the Promoters insure that whatever news they’re paid to advertise is broadcast, even if it’s by yelling. Earning them the appellation of ‘shills’.

Although the prospectors guild officially owns the monopoly on all deep space mining rights, they maintain such cartel due to the need for specialist expertise and equipment. Prospectors are organised into clans, who permanently inhabit their huge factory-ships moving between contracted work on moons and asteroids around the Known Worlds. The Prospectors charge good money for their services, as the only other option to a noble with an asteroid fief is to let it sit undeveloped.

Not all Guild work is glorious, in fact arguably the least of all these is the Purgers Guild. They are the waste collectors of the Known Worlds and exterminators of pests. In a post-fall society there is lots to clean up and is often a job only a serf will take.

Data file has been Purloined

This guild is officially non-existent, yet through special operatives the members of this guild can ensure that their services find customers. The Slayers Guild award lifetime memberships to all its members (they can hand in their life along with their membership if they want to retire). They are in fact the elite assassins of the Guilds.

No guild knows Etiquette, high-society and the lastest courtly fashions and trends as the Stewards guild. They serve to teach any who will pay the ins and out of the court.

Town Criers
A guild that is a subdivision of the Reeves. This guild consistutes the sole mass media outlet for the Known Worlds.

Not officially a guild but rather a loose-knit society of vagrants, hobos and vagabonds. By working together they are capable of providing a fraternity that will support each other in their free lifestyles. Owing allegiance to none and accorded privilege to none this is one of the most disparate collectives in the Known Worlds

The art of writing is a skill precious few have, and a skill that even less excel at. Specialists in composing literature are hired to either scribe other texts, or compose epics and ballads of heroic deeds lest all forget them.

The productions of weapons is considered a fine art by many, the weaponsmith guilds among them. Rather than a whole guild this is the collective term for a number of guilds that generally owe direct service to a large faction for the manufacture of weapons. While they will not build hi-tech weapons (violating Engineer monopoly) they will produce some of the finest blades and slug guns in existence.

The care of beasts is not a skill all care to take. The Wranglers are Ranchers, veterinarians, huntsmen, herders and manufacturers of harnesses and other beat related equipment.


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