Gaining and Losing Urge

Urge is also gained through roleplaying. Certain acts or deeds undertaken by a character may cause her Urge to awaken, and from there to slowly grow if she keeps performing similar deeds. What determines if a deed is heinous enough to cause such a divide in the psyche? Breaking societal taboos can be an element, but personal codes and ethics also play a part. Even if the character is an outsider to society, the societal mores she grew up in and unconsciously absorbed still affect her innermost being, regardless of how she tries to deny this. Like it or not, we are social beings.

In the case of barbarians or characters raised by wolves and thus never exposed to any form of human society, the gamemaster should figure out his own criteria for awakening Urge.

Below is a general guideline for humans born and raised in the Known Worlds of the Fading Suns. It includes the taboo, the roll required to gain Urge from it (the character must fail this roll or else gain Urge) and the level(s) gained.

Taboo Roll Levels
Refusing sacrament Ego + Stoic Mind 1
Missing Confession for More Than One Year Ego + Focus 1
Suffering Inquisitorial Torture Calm + Stoic Mind 1 – 2
Suffering Excommunication Faith + Stoic Mind 2 – 3
Exposure to Another Psychic’s Urge Psi + Stoic Mind 1
Fumbling a Psychic Power Roll Psi + Stoic Mind or Focus 1
Exposure to Alien Occult Powers Ego + Stoic Mind 1
Exposure to Evil Artifact Ego + Stoic Mind 1 – 3
Declaring a Vendetta Passion + Focus 1
Murder Passion + Focus 1 – 2
Rape Passion + Focus 1 – 2
Stealing Wits + Focus 1
Rebellion (Against your House, the Church, or the Emperor) Wits + Focus 1

Losing Urge

Characters can learn to control themselves and dissolve their Dark Twin (or other Urges). But it is harder to close Pandora’s Box than it is to open it; losing Urge levels requires a quest or great deed of some sort (the character must succeed at these rolls to lose Urge):

Deed Roll *Levels
Pilgrimage Faith + Vigor 1
Church Mercy (Becoming a Penitent) Faith + Focus 1 – 2
Performing Church Mission Faith + Focus 1
Exposure to Soul Shard Psi + Stoic Mind or Focus 2 – 3
Exposure to Philosophers Stone Psi + Stoic Mind or Focus 1
Selfless Sacrifice Passion + Empathy 1 – 2
Exposure to Second Republic Psi Clinic Introvert + Stoic Mind or Focus 1 – 2

The gamemaster should feel free to create his own taboos or deeds.

Gaining and Losing Urge

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