Gaining and Losing Hubris

Hubris is also gained through roleplaying. Certain acts or deeds undertaken by a character may cause her Hubris to grow, and from there to slowly build if she keeps performing similar deeds. What are such prideful acts? Breaking Church taboos. As a practitioner of theurgy, the character has agreed to certain precepts of her religion, and believes heartily in these precepts. If it was ever revealed that she did not believe, she would lose Faith and perhaps her theurgic powers. Breaking the rules of the religion have consequences.

Below is a general guideline for members of the Universal Church of the Known Worlds of the Fading Suns. Certain barbarians and aliens have different religions, and thus different precepts. The chart includes the taboo and the roll required to gain Hubris from it (the character must fail this roll or else gain Hubris) and the level(s) gained..

Taboo Roll Levels
Refusing Sacrament Ego + Stoic Mind 1
Missing Confession for More Than One Month Ego + Focus 1
Suffering Inquisitorial Torture Calm + Stoic Mind 1 – 2
Suffering Excommunication Faith + Stoic Mind 2 – 3
Fumbling a Theurgy Rite Theurgy + Focus 1
Exposure to Alien Occult Powers Faith + Stoic Mind 1
Exposure to Evil Artifact Faith + Stoic Mind 1 – 3
Declaring a Vendetta Passion + Focus 1
Murder Passion + Focus 1 – 2
Rape Passion + Focus 1 – 2
Stealing Wits + Focus 1
Inventing Proscribed Tech Ego + Focus 1
Rebellion Against Your Sect Faith + Focus 1
Starting Your Own Sect Faith + Focus 1 – 3

Losing Hubris

Characters can learn humility. But it is tough to regain squandered Grace; losing Hubris levels requires a quest or great deed of some sort (the character must succeed at these rolls to lose Hubris):

Deed Roll Levels
Pilgrimage Faith + Vigor 1
Church Mercy (Absolution for Sins) Faith + Focus 1 – 2
Forsaking Theurgy (1) Faith + Focus 3
Performing a Church Mission Faith + Focus 1
Exposure to a Soul Shard Theurgy + Stoic Mind or Focus 1 – 2
Exposure to a Philosopher’s Stone Theurgy + Stoic Mind or Focus 1
Selfless Sacrifice Passion + Empathy 1 – 2
Exposure to Relic (Once per Relic) Faith + Focus 1
Converting New Faithful (heathens, heretics) Faith + Empathy 1 – 2
Converting Other Sects or Orders Faith + Charm or Impress 1
Renewing the Faith of One Who Had Lost It Faith + Empathy 1 – 3

(1) lose one Theurgy level; character must not practice for at least a year, or lost Hubris will be regained (but not lost Theurgy level).

Gaining and Losing Hubris

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