Explosives Chart

Explosive Roll Goal DMG Radius Rate SIZ Special Cost (FB)
Grenades Dex + Throwing 12d+ 5m 2 S 50
Wire Grenade Dex + Throwing 12d+ 3m 2 S Halve Armour Dice 80
Blast Pellet Dex + Throwing 3d to 6d 1m 2 S Leak through Energy Shields on 1-6 20-30
Plasma Grenade Dex + Throwing 18d 6m 2 S Leak through Energy Shields on 1-6 100

Non Combat Explosive

Explosive Roll Goal DMG SIZ Special Cost (FB)
Demolition Rig Wits + Demolitions 100d Total, before Rig is spent XL 200

Explosives on a Demolition Rig normally explode in all directions, with a blast radius of 1/6 the dice of damage. They can also be set to shaped charge, however. This requires Tech + Demolitions to achieve, and means the damage they cause is halved in any directions the demolitions expert does not want it to go.

Explosives Chart

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