The wide variety of explosives is countless, from kitchenmade pipe bombs to devastating planet bombs. Below is a favorite of player characters who to like to throw things at enemies.

Grenades (TL4+): These come in all sizes and shapes, but their common feature is that they damage people and things in a wide area from where they explode. Each grenade is rated for the number of meters its radius encompasses and the damage it delivers at ground zero. The standard radius for a hand grenade is five meters, but this can increase with tech levels above 4. Standard damage is 12 dice (this can also increase at higher tech levels). A character tossing a grenade does not get to add his victory points to the damage — the grenade does all the work; all the character has to do is get it to its destination. However, anyone standing in the radius will suffer the damage rolled (after subtracting armor). One point is subtracted from the grenade’s damage for each meter away from its point of explosion.
For example, Cardanzo is standing in a room when someone tosses a grenade in and shuts the door. The grenade lands two meters from Cardanzo and explodes. The grenade damage is rolled: seven damage points. Two points are subtracted for distance (two meters from the grenade), so Cardanzo takes five points of damage.
Grenades usually have timers set to count once the pin has been pulled or the button activated. The standard time is a little less than three seconds; a grenade thrown at the start of a turn will go off at the end of that turn. If the grenade was thrown at the end of a turn, it might go off in the middle of the next turn.

Wire Grenade (TL4): A grenade that unspools a monofilament wire in all directions. The damage is the same as a regular grenade (12d), but the armor defense dice of anyone in the radius is halved. Radius is 3 meters.

Blast Pellet (TL6): A mini plasma pellet which explodes upon impact. Blast pellets come in various sizes, from ballbearing sized (3 dice damage) to small rubber ball sized (6 dice damage). The explosion will affect anyone in a one meter radius around its point of impact. As with most plasma weapons, blast pellets can leak through energy shields (on a damage dice roll of 1 or 2).

Plasma Grenade (TL6): A plasma grenade, larger than a blast pellet. These devastating weapons do 18 dice of damage, which can leak through energy shields (on a damage dice roll of 1 or 2). Radius is 6 meters.

Demolition Rig (TL4+): While any fool with a pipe bomb can blow something up, true experts prefer more exact equipment, the kind of stuff they can measure out to do just what they want it to — no more, no less. The demolition rig can come with any of a variety of explosives, including nitroglycerin, plastique or Ukar demo cream. It also usually features a number of different detonators, including fuses, timers and remote detonators.
Characters with a demo rig generally have about 100 damage dice worth of explosives as well as 20 detonators. The rig allows them to place and shape charges, focusing the damage in a specific direction if they make a Tech + Demolition roll. This means the explosives will only do half their damage in the direction the demo expert does not want it to go.


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