Effect Dice

Certain feats, such as combat, require a few more variables. These sorts of rolls are resolved with “effect dice,” which can represent a weapon’s damage or a suit of armour’s protective value. As with Goal Rolls, these are rolled on 20-siders. Results of 13 or under are successful; results of 14 or more are failures. Each successful die generates one point: a “wound” point in the case of damage or an “armour” point in the case of armour.

Wound points are applied against the target’s Vitality rating, but only after accounting for any armour or other protection he may be wearing — each armor point subtracts one wound point before damage is applied. The number of dice actually rolled varies with weapon damage or armour value.

There is another variable to consider with damage dice — the effectiveness of a character’s blow. Victory points gained on the attack goal roll are converted into damage dice, called “ victory dice.” Victory points convert to victory dice on a 1-for-1 basis.

A player does not have to use the entire number of victory dice generated from victory points — she may choose to “pull her punch” by using as few as one die. The weapon dice must still be used in full, however — it’s impossible to “be gentle” with a greatsword!

After being hit, a target can roll his armor dice (if any); each successful die equals one armor point. Since no goal roll is made (skill is not involved), victory dice are not added to armor dice. Energy shields are another form of personal protection, but they represent a special case.

Effect Dice

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