Lurking in the shadows cast by dying stars across a crumbling empire, awaiting the return of a hollow darkened universe, poisoning the ears of high and low with greed, rage and fear, the dark lords of pain engineer the collapse of civilization. Antinomy and trafficking with malefic spirits can be traced back to the prehistory of Ancient Urth and other racial homeworlds, but appeared to have undergone a renaissance with the extinction of Sathraism. Much early Orthodox history contains detailed accounts of the practices and behavior of captured antinomists, but little has been gleaned of their beliefs or occult techniques.

One document intercepted by Avesti Inquisitors and translated by Eskatonic monks appears to be a round chant purporting to describe the hierarchy of all creation. It is written in an ancient dialect of Kurgan, a fact of which the Hazat never fail to remind Brother Battle troops in their border wars. Beginning with a brief recapitulation of Eskatonic cosmogony, the chant describes the Celestial Sun with Its layered Emanations, called Sefiros or “spheres” by the order; each Emanation, through the action of its residing intelligences or “Empyrean angels,” reflects the Holy Flame outward until it is buried deep in the Tenth Emanation, or material world. From there the chant proceeds into a heresy long since purged from the Eskatonic Order; beyond the Tenth Sefiros lie ten more planes of existence cut off from the Holy Flame, dark empty shells of the Sefiros called Qlippoth in the chant.

The progression of Qlippoth twists through nonspace so that the outermost Emanation converges upon a central point, named by old heretics the Infernos Prime, an inconceivably dense orb of black devouring fire, the opposite of the Celestial Sun. Inhabiting the Qlippoth are the hollowed vessels of consciousness known as demons, who yearn to break through ancient barriers confining them to the Qlippoth and consume the never-ending bounty and grace of the Celestial Sun. Since their natural portals to the Sefiros were closed off by a great race in some primordial eon, they must enter the material plane through the heart of a human or other sentient, which can open its own doorways to heaven or hell.

Antinomists work in secret to open the way for the demons, using powers granted to them by their attunement to the Qlippoth, by spreading anger, hatred, mistrust and any manner of corruption which can drive the Holy Flame from within and eat away enough of the soul to receive demonic possession. A gamemaster wishing to use a Antinomist as an antagonist may create Qlippothic equivalents of most of the above occult powers, more intrusive, soul-rending and painful versions, with each level corresponding inversely to the Qlippoth through which the power of the Infernos Prime is accessed. (i.e., a first level power derives from the Ninth Qlippoth, a second from the Eighth, etc.) Practitioners of Antinomy are often plagued by their Fealty ties to a dark lord, which create effects similar to Urge and Hubris. Be sure that the antinomist never takes center stage for too long, however, as their kind prefer to watch from the wings as mastermind manipulators.


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