There are many sentient alien races in the Known Worlds, but less than a handful have any political power. Three races are strong or numerous enough to have a degree of freedom on their own homeworlds — within limits, of course, for each of these races’ homeworlds is owned by one of the royal houses or the League.
Enclaves of their original cultures exist on their homeworlds, but most of these aliens live in a human-run universe. Any of them can hold a Commission in the League or Rank in their own noble caste.


The spiritual Ur-Obun are sought out as third party diplomats and peacemakers. Unlike their aggressive brothers, the Ukari, Obun culture values learning and philosophy over all other pursuits, and Obun have a knack at answering questions which have long plagued others.
An Obun may be Ordained in the Obun sect of the Church (Voavenlohjun).

Cousins to the peaceful Ur-Obun, the Ukari are bitter, violent criminals — or so most Known Worlders believe. They have suffered great oppression, due in part to their war with humanity upon the two races’ first contact. The bitter Ur-Ukar fight in internecine clan wars in the subterranean caves of their homeworld. Traditionally-raised Ukari rarely even see light until age three or five. They are thus at home in dark, cramped spaces. Those who escape such blood conflicts by going off-world often hire themselves out as assassins or mercenaries. Their subterranean origins give them an edge in nocturnal activities.

These multi-limbed monstrosities are highly valued as shock troops or guerrilla warriors. Only “civilized” Vorox are allowed to leave their homeworld, for the “feral” kind are too unruly and dangerous. But most Known Worlders are hard pressed to tell the difference between the two. Civilized Vorox have their poisonous claws removed to prove their commitment to civilization. Noble Vorox are allowed to keep one claw as a sign of their rank.


These insectoid sentients are one of the most persecuted of all aliens. They are fearsome to look upon and unnerving to behold, they are blood-drinkers and often look down upon humanity as dominating flesh-bags. They have mythologies that concerning dark beings now disappeared.

These Avian sentients are known for their racial dimorphism. Capable of flight and adhering to a death-invoking religion they are still one of the few alien races to have any privilege.

These simian sentients are known for their mechanical aptitude, their pungent stench and most importantly their propensity towards practical (sometimes dangerous) jokes. Their small stature and mechanical aptitude lends them often to jobs on starships.

These reptilian sentients are remarkable in that their culture seems to have descended almost directly from Vau culture. It has been speculated that they were once under the patronage of renegade Vau mandarins.

These aquarian sentients were long considered a myth by humanity and has recently been rediscovered by humanity. It is evident that in their prehistory they were a star-faring race and perhaps had connections to the Anunnaki. How they dwindled down to their present state is a mystery.

These ungulate (horse-like) aliens were the first alien sentients to be encountered by humanity. Since then they have been subjugated into living on reserves.


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