Addiction (2-4 pts): The character is addicted to some substance, and this addiction makes his life difficult at times.
2 = Basic addiction. Substance is cheap and easily gotten.
The character must have at least one dose per week before symptoms of withdrawal begin.
+1 = Stronger addiction: Substance must be had twice weekly before withdrawal symptoms begin.
+1 = Substance is difficult to find (rare or illegal).
Symptoms of withdrawal vary based upon the drug and the withdrawal period. Gamemasters may require Calm rolls, or assign goal penalties as the symptoms get worse — whatever increases the dramatic tension of the moment is appropriate.

Cloistered (1 pt): The character grew up separately from other people, and has never gotten over the fact. Since she has had so few dealings with others, she may well misunderstand them, be nervous around them and have a hard time relating to them. Others are likely to find her odd, especially when she starts using the unique language she developed as a child.

Dark Secret (1-3 pts): Something about the character is so horrible that he will do almost anything to cover it up. Almost no one should know about it at the beginning of the game, but if it does come out, then the player should have a chance to either cover it back up or make up for it.
1 = Embarrassing (So why did you skip out on your wife and kids?)
2 = Dangerous (So, you help run a coven, do you?)
3 = Life-threatening (Don’t let anyone find out how you tried to assassinate Emperor Alexius)

Infamous Family (1 pt): The character’s family has gained notoriety, and this affects the way people view her. She may come from a family of thieves, heretics or murderers.
Note that a character can buy both the Nobility Benefice and this Affliction to represent how certain branches of even the noblest families have their problems.

Lost Worlder (1 pt): The character is from one of the newly rediscovered Lost Worlds. In the millennia between the Fall of the Republic and the rediscovery of the planet, culture has changed greatly. It is a struggle to fit in, and most people are wary of you.

Oath of Fealty (1-3 pts): The character owes an oath of fealty above and beyond his normal obligations. All nobles owe an oath to their prince, all priests to their archbishop, all League members to their dean. This is something in addition to that oath. The object of the oath may call on the character’s aid when he/she desires, although there is usually something the character receives in return for this oath (such as a pledge to send soldiers in case the character’s fief is under assault).
1 = Serious oath (will aid in major dealings in exchange for same)
2 = Martial oath (will risk life in exchange for a great boon, like land or protection)
3 = Extreme oath (will perform suicide mission in return for something great in case of success, or upkeep of family should task fail)

Obligation (1-3 pts): The character has a duty he cannot avoid. This could be a sacred site he has to keep holy, a Vorox child he must raise, or a payment he must make on a regular basis. This differs from the Oath of Fealty in that the character will not get anything in return for his obligation.
1 = Hindrance (requires the character be on a certain planet for holy days)
2 = Hazardous (puts the character’s life at risk) 3 = Extreme (the character has sworn to uncover the heresies of a Brother Battle leader)

Orphan (1 pt): Family ties are the most important ones to the majority of people in Fading Suns, but the character doesn’t even have these. He lost his family at a very young age and nothing ever replaced it. For him, the Chainers are a very real danger unless he finds some alliance. Note that a character cannot take Nobility or Alien Upbringing with this Affliction, as both of those require a family of some kind.

Stigma (1-4 pts): The character has a stigma of some sort. This is something which, if noticed by the common populace, would cause revulsion, suspicion or fear. When coming up with these, think of what would unnerve a superstitious medieval peasant. (All occultists and cybernetics-bearers have a mild Stigma, although theurgy Stigmas are often seen as holy rather than damning. They do not receive points for this Stigma.)
1 = Mild (wandering eye, hair on palms)
2 = Severe (dwarf, hunchback)
3 = Fearsome (pointed fangs)
4 = Unholy (red eyes, forked tongue)

Vow (varies): Some village priests complain that commoners swear by anything, but some people take their vows seriously. It is not only Church leaders who take vows of celibacy but lay men, nobles and guildmembers as well. Vows generally cover something the character decides to give up, such as material goods, sex or talking. The gamemaster decides how many points it is worth based on the impact the vow has on the game.
Vow of Silence +3
Vow of Poverty +2
Vow of Celibacy +1 (depending on the epic)

Dependent (1 pt): Somebody relies a great deal on the character. This may be an elderly family member, a child or an often-in-trouble friend. Whatever the case, the character is likely to have some difficulty ensuring that this person is taken care of.

Vendetta (1-4 pts): Something you, your family or your friends has done have earned you an unyielding enemy. This person (or people) will do everything in his power to make your life difficult.
1 = Satisfied with making character’s life miserable.
2 = Wants to kill character
+1 = Group
+2 = Multiple groups

Indebted (2-6 pts): The character is in debt. He cannot buy more than 3 points of Riches (enough to live on) and must work to assuage this debt, lest his creditor take his land and possessions or sell him to the Chainers.
2 = Minor debt (can eventually work it off)
4 = Major debt (must work very hard to pay off)
6 = Catastrophic debt (risks losing fief and thus rank)
+1 = life at risk (the Scravers are sending over boys with bats)

Barbarian (2 pts): The character comes from an uncivilized upbringing and must struggle to fit into spacefaring society. Additionally, people from all classes tend to look at her askance and will rarely trust her. She may begin the game with no more than three points in Etiquette.

Bastard (1 pt): The character is a bastard child of a noble. He can still buy a noble title, but he will receive no inheritance.

Black Sheep (1-3 pts): The character is the black sheep of his family and is currently being ostracized by it. The character must have the Nobility Benefice to take this Affliction.
1 = Ostracized (Do not step foot in court, or anywhere the family frequents)
2 = Disinherited (You are cut off from the family fortune, loss of estate)
3 = Disenfranchised (Loss of rank, loss of family name)

Branded (1 pt): Many cultures brand criminals and evildoers, and the character sports one of these brands. It might be for theft, prostitution, or just speaking bad about the duke, but it is an unerasable feature.

Escaped Serf (2 pts): The character is actually a serf, not a freeman. He must hide this fact or risk being seized by officials for sale to the Chainers — or, worse, be sent back to his original master for punishment.

Escaped Slave (3 pts): The character has escaped from slavery, but now is on the run from everyone. Finding any place of refuge should be next to impossible. This character should have almost no ties to anyone except the other player characters.

Excommunicated (3 pts.): The character has committed some great heresy and repeatedly refused absolution from a priest, forcing the Church to excommunicate him. Orthodox doctrine states that the character is damned, denied the Pancreator’s grace. The character is an outcast; any further crimes against Church law or doctrine are punishable by flame.

Fallen from Grace (1-3 pts): This Affliction is similar to the Black Sheep Affliction, but is applied to a sect/order or guild. The character has lost face before his peers and superiors, and will only make up for it after years of penance — if ever. Characters must be Commissioned or Ordained to take this Affliction.
1 = Ostracized (Do not conduct guild business or enter the sect’s churches)
2 = Expelled (You have no more guild or church benefits)
+1 = Hunted (You know too much or took something of value with you)

Outlaw (1-4 pts): You broke the law in a big way. Someone, somewhere has put a price on your head, and anyone can collect it. A long jail term is the best you can hope for if you are caught. Guard your back at all times.
1 = Hunted worldwide
2 = Hunted within the domain of one royal house
3 = Hunted throughout the Empire
+1 = Wanted dead or alive


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