Dr. Turk Middlesworth

Serious Gannock doctor seeks to do good in the world, and show the ladies a good time.


A 4’ high, 50kg chocolate brown Gannock with dark colouring.

Gender Male Race Gannock
Planet Bannockburn Rank Surgeon (3)
Age 25 Sect Apothecaries
Vitality O O O O O O O Wyrd O O O O O
Strength 3 Wits 8 Extrovert 6 / 3 Introvert
Dexterity 6 Perception 8 Passion 5 / 5 Calm
Endurance 4 Tech 8 Faith 5 / 5 Ego
Theurgy 9 / 0 Hubris
Natural Skills Learned Skills
Charm 8* Academia 6 Science: Cybrnetics 8
Dodge 5 Acrobatics 3 Science: Technical Medicine 8
Fight 3 Bureaucracy 6 Science: Xeno-Biology 8
Impress 8 Empathy 5 Sleight of Hand 6
Melee 3 Etiquette 5 Space Suit
Observe 3 Focus 5 Speak: Urthish
Shoot 5 Inquiry 3 Stoic Mind 4
Sneak 4 Physick 8 Tech Redemption: Hi Tech 5*
Vigour 4 Read: Urthish Tech Redemption: Mech 5*
Read: Urthtech Think Machine 8
Remedy 8 Torture 2
Search 4 Xeno Empathy 5
Blessings Curses Benefices Afflictions
Agile Toes Alien Nature Friends Brand
Greasemonkey Dwarf Gossip Network Dark Secret
Immunity: Symbiote Taint Hungry Physik +1 Obligation
Long Digits Stench Remedy +1 Ostracised
Omnidigestion Bad Lungs Retinue (Vera) Vendetta
Prehensile Tail Guilty Tech +1
Cassanova Nosey Wealthy Riches
Compassionate Follower (Frank)
Well Liked

Armour: Synsilk (4d)
Experience: 0
Run Speed: 6


Spear Mechanical Timepiece Flask
Slingshot Surgery Kit Textbook
Naval Captain’s outfit Medpac Novels
Top hat & tails outfit Elixir x9 Bag of Toiletries
Golf outfit Fusion Torch Squaker
Colonel’s outfit Radiation Serum
Surgeon’s coat and suit Synsilk (dr outfit)

Turk was born on Bannockburn, as all Gannock are. He had a relatively normal childhood and was expected from an early age to grow up to be a doctor, just like dear ‘ole Dad. He has a brother, Frank, who will be getting in his way from time to time. Turk loves him of course, it’s just that he is a bit mentally slow in comparison…

Turk travels with nurse Vera, a homely type who is trying to escape becoming a crazy old cat lady by keeping the company of a young, exciting gentleman. As well as this helpful influence in his life, Turk is plagued by a one-eyed boy called Neville. Turk may be the reason that Neville is one-eyed.

Turk has been to Gwynneth as part of his tours of duty. A nice, safe, Hawkwood-run planet! Other than that, he has not been off of Bannockburn. He likes to keep company with well-dressed types, whether this is people from a gentleman’s club or the mafia is of no matter.

Dr. Turk Middlesworth

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