A polite, reasonable man, with a silver tongue and a golden purse.

Known As: “Sankira” Race: Human Homeworld:
Alliance: Those Who Trade Subgroup: Scravers Rank: Junior Associate


Body Mind Spirit
Strength 6 Wits 5 Extrovert 3 / Introvert 1
Dexterity 8 Perception 8 Passion 1 / Calm 5
Endurance 5 Tech 7 Faith 1 / Ego 4
Wyrd O O O O O Vitality O O O O O O O O O O


Natural Learned Skills
Charm 8 Gambling 5
Dodge 5 Inquiry 5
Fight 3 Knavery 5
Impress 3 Lockpicking 5
Melee 8 Search 5
Observe 5 Sleight of Hand 5
Shoot 5 Speak: Scraver Cant
Sneak 8 Speak: Graceful Tongue
Vigour 5 Streetwise 7
Combat Skill: Whip Disarm

Blessings and Curses

Name +/- Attribute Situation
Lucky At Cards +2 Gambling With Cards
Possessive -2 Calm When Cut Out of the Action
Eloquent +2 Extrovert When Swaying Others Through Speech
Born Salesman +2 Wits When Selling
Shrewd +3 Wits Against Attempts To Fast Talk
Greedy -2 Extrovert When Money Is Involved
Murophobia -3 Calm Around Rats or Mice
Bluster -2 Extrovert When Recounting Past Deeds

Benefices and Afflictions

Additional Skill Points (Already included (+15)
Cash (4000 FB) From Tours of Duty

Branded (House Decados Criminal Mark) (-1)
Dark Secret (backstory) (-2)
Rank Reduction (Demoted for being Captured) (-2)
Obligation (Hazardous) (backstory) (-2)
Orphan (-1)
Outlaw (All Known Worlds – Escaped Convict) (-2)
Vendetta (Wanted by most of House Hawkwood for theft and blackmail) (-2)
Vendetta (Your Prison Warden Wants You Dead for Escaping) -2


A Charming fellow with an easy smile and a reassuring tone of voice, Sankira appears to be an al-Malik merchant. Appearances can be deceptive however and the Decados “Prison Brand” on His left wrist (the Decados Mantis in a Box. A number underneath the sigil identifies him as Prisoner Number 54/1/K1.R4 (Prisoner 54, Block 1, Section K1, Row 4)) seems to indicate there is more here than meets the eye. He was recently broken out of the Decados prison (He claims by Niccolo Decados) and is therefore an escaped convict… the warden of the prison has sworn an oath to see him returned to his cell, or dead. Whatever he did, it was major, though he doesn’t seem willing to talk much about it. When he does, the details don’t seem to match quite right, as if he can barely remember doing it.

He is ‘free’ now, and he knows he owes his freedom to helping Oric return to the fold of his family. Niccolo isn’t above making a problem disappear, permanently, if someone crosses him. So Sankira uses his talents to help the Baron afford the lifestyle to which he has become accustomed, and to make life… easier… for his new Master.


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