Taranto's Unflappable Friend, Confidante, and Advisor

Known As: “Patrick” Race: Human Homeworld: Unknown
Alliance: Those Who Rule Subgroup: Torenson Rank: Knight/2nd Lt (3/3)


Body Mind Spirit
Strength 3 Wits 8 Extrovert 9 / Introvert 1
Dexterity 5 Perception 8 Passion 1 / Calm 9
Endurance 3 Tech 3 Faith 1 / Ego 3
Wyrd O O O O O O O O O Vitality O O O O O O O O O


Natural Learned Skills
Charm 8 Arts: Culinary 4
Dodge 3 Bureaucracy 4
Fight 4 Etiquette 8
Impress 7 Knavery 4
Melee 4 Lore: Noble Customs 4
Observe 8 Read: Urthish
Shoot 4 Remedy 2
Sneak 4 Social (Leadership) 5
Vigour 5 Social (Oratory) 6
Think Machine 2

Blessings and Curses

Name +/- Attribute Situation
Elan +2 All Rolls In Social Situations
Gracious +2 Extrovert To Guests
Bad Liver -2 Endurance Against Drugs and Toxins
Indignant -2 Charm When Faced With Rudeness

Benefices and Afflictions
100 FB Cash (0 remaining)
Good Assets (300 FB/Month)
Rank: (Military) 2nd Leiutenant in Space Navy
Rank: (Nobility) Knight of House Torenson
Oath of Martial Fealty (To Tarantino)

Synthsilk Uniform
Space Suit


Patrick was a junior catering officer aboard a warship. Average in most respects but smart as a whip. Taranto Marina saved his life in an incident aboard ship, along with several of his shipmates. As such, when Taranto left the service, Patrick decided to accompany him as an assistant, steward, batman etc. He’s absolutely loyal to his employer.

Patrick (as he allows friends to call him) is a junior noble of House Torenson, a landless house whose reputation for diplomatic relations and the intricacies of etiquette is known throughout the worlds.

To those whom he does not consider friends, he expects to be called ‘2nd Lieutenant Sir Patrick Stewart-Torenson, Esquire’, or simply “Lord Stewart-Torenson”.


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