Oro'ym Marines

Tough, Agile, and Amphibious - These Warriors are a Sight to Behold

Known As: (Various Names) Race: Oro’ym Homeworld: Madoc
Alliance: Those Who Differ Subgroup: Oro’ym Rank: Corporal to Sergeant


Body Mind Spirit
Strength 9 Wits 5 Extrovert 5 / Introvert 1
Dexterity 7 Perception 7 Passion 1 / Calm 6
Endurance 9 Tech 3 Faith 3 / Ego 1
Wyrd O O O O O Vitality O O O O O O O O O O O O O O


Natural Learned Skills
Charm 3 Drive: Watercraft 2
Dodge 8 God Lore 1
Fight 8 Remedy (Oro’ym) 2
Impress 8 Spacesuit
Melee 8 Speak: Urthish
Observe 8 Warfare: Gunnery 2
Shoot 8 Fencing: Parry
Sneak 3 Firearms: Snapshot
Vigour 8 Martial Arts: Martial Fist

Blessings and Curses

Name +/- Attribute Situation
Disciplined +2 Calm In Combat Conditions
Loyal +2 Passion When Following Liege
Hero +2 Impress At All Times
Surly -2 Extrovert When Upset

Benefices and Afflictions
Starting Cash: (2000 FB – 3 FB Left)
Weapon: Capek .40 Aquatic Rifle (Damage: 7, Range 30/40, Clip: 5)
Weapon: Mitchau .40 Ripper Pistol (Damage: 5, Range 20/30, Clip: 10)
Weapon: Dirk (Damage: 6)
Weapon: Broadsword (Damage: 8)
Weapon: Razor Edged Bullet Proofed Plastic Shield (Damage: 8, Armour 4 (8 Vs Slugs) on a Dex+Melee Roll)
Armour: Synthsilk Uniform (Armour: 4)
Item: WET Suit (Worn When Off Duty, Keeps Skin Moist)
Item: Medpack with 5 Doses of Elixir O O O O O
Ammo: 60x .40 ‘Normal’ Slugs (Base Weapon Damage)
Ammo: 40x .40 ‘Slapper’ Slugs (Do Not Add Victory Dice. Armour Only Defends on a 1-10, not 1-13)
Ammo: 45x .40 ‘Sunder’ Slugs (Damage+1, Only Use HALF of Armour Dice)
Ability: Gills (Can Breathe Underwater)
Ability: Limb Regrowth (Can Regrow Limb or Tail in 4 Months, Costs 1 Endurance, Permanently)
Disadvantage: Cold Blooded (-2 End for Every 10F Below 60F, -1 Per for Every 10F Over 100F)
Disadvantage: Requires Water (Starts To Lose End Ranks After 3 Days with No Moisture, 1/Hour)
Natural Attack: Fangs (Dex+Fight – Damage: 2)
Natural Attack: Tail (Dex+Fight – Damage: 3)
Improved Attack: Martial Fist (Damage: 3)
Improved Defense: Parry Skill
Extreme Oath of Fealty (Will Die in Service of Baron if Necessary)
Dark Secret:


Dark Secret: Family Members Were Members of the Rebels Who Attacked Ruth Island

Oro'ym Marines

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