Glorianna's loyal Etyri bodyguard and musician.

Known As: “Neri” Race: Etyri (Huar’raughhq) Homeworld: Grail
Alliance: Those Who Differ Subgroup: Etyri Rank: None (0)


Body Mind Spirit
Strength 6 Wits 5 Extrovert 9 / Introvert 1
Dexterity 9 Perception 9 Passion 3 / Calm 1
Endurance 5 Tech 3 Faith 3 / Ego 1
Wyrd O O O Vitality O O O O O O O O


Natural Learned Skills
Charm 3 Crossbow
Dodge 8 Performance (Harp) 7
Fight 8 Performance (Singing) 7
Fly 8 Speak: Etyri
Impress 8 Speak: Urthish
Melee 3 Throw 5
Observe 8
Shoot 8
Sneak 3
Vigour 5

Blessings and Curses

Name +/- Attribute Situation
Disciplined +2 Calm In Combat Conditions
Hawkeyed +2 Shoot and Throw If Self Or Target Is In Motion
Very Keen Eyed +3 Perception With Sight
Pious +2 Extrovert With the Faithful
Protective +2 Endurance When Protecting Family and Friends
Claustrophobic -2 Calm When Within Enclosed Spaces
Hollow Boned -2 Vitality All The Time (Base 3+ Endurance)
Mechanically Disinclined -2 Tech Redemption All The Time
Prideful -2 Calm When Insulted
Very Poor Liar -3 Extrovert When Lying

Benefices and Afflictions
100 FB Cash (35 remaining)
Beak Attack: 2 Damage Dice
Claw Attack: 3 Damage Dice
Flight: Fly as a Natural Skill
Saints Law: Jumpgate of Mantius the Soldier (Armour of the Pancreator, L3 BB)
Obligation “Protect Your Dead Sister” (Hazardous)
Ostracised (Minor)
Outlaw: Hawkwood Lands

Jumpgate of Mantius the Soldier (Similar to a Crucifix, but a Jumpgate shape)
2 Belts
6 Pouches
Small Baryana Wood Harp (30FB Value)
2 Wrist Mounted Crossbows (Goal: Dex + Shoot, Base Damage: 3, Range: 10/20, ROF: 1, Reload: 1 Action)
Belt of 20 Wrist Crossbow Bolts



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