Nanny Feyd

An Ur-Ukari governess with a sideline in assassinations


Nanny Feyd – Character Creation


Strength 12
Dexterity 12
Endurance 8
Wits 3
Perception 5
Tech 8
Introvert 3 Extrovert 1
Calm 9 Passion 1
Ego 9 Faith 1
Psy 9
Urge 0
Vitality 13
Wyrd 15


Natural Skills

  • Charm – 2 (-1 from homely)
  • Dodge – 6
  • Fight – 8
  • Impress – 5
  • Melee – 10
  • Observe – 4
  • Shoot – 8
  • Sneak – 8
  • Vigour – 8

Learned Skills

  • Drive(Land Craft) – 2
  • Knavery – 1
  • Lockpicking – 8
  • Lore (People and places seen) – 1
  • Mech Redemption – 2
  • Read/Write (Urthish)
  • Remedy – 2
  • Search – 1
  • Speak Urthish
  • Speak Uryari (Ukarish)
  • Streetwise – 2
  • Survival – 2
  • Tracking – 1
  • Empathy – 3
  • Space Suit Use
  • Special melee move: Parry/ Riposte
  • Special melee move: Double strike

Blessings and Curses

Sensitive Touch
+2 Perception
when using sense of touch
+2 Passion
when acting while others hesitate  
+2 Sneak
When hiding and moving quietly Feyd’s not the brightest on most matters, but she’s got an eye for staying hidden.
Doublestrike all up in the face
Beep boop All trained and stuff for a bunch of points
Horrible burns
-2 Charm
When burns are exposed
Feyd’s burns are on her hands, wrists and arms, nearly up to the elbow, she received them while trying to save the life of her burning lover. The burns are usually covered by sleeves and gloves
-2 Passion
When seducing Feyd cannot forget her lost love
-1 Charm
Always Feyd is grizzled by sorrow and war
Proxy Pride
-2 Calm
if her ward (or his mother) is insulted  
-2 Calm
when dealing with humans  
-2 Passion
when asked for aid  

Good Stuff

  • Filthy rich (20,000/annum, 3,000 starting)
  • Householder: Feyd is affiliated with the Decados as a nanny (bodyguard and assassin)
  • Contact: Ur’Ukar poisonwright and poison merchant
  • Follower: Fanatically loyal and skilled (cook)

Bad Stuff

  • Orphan: Feyd’s parents died in a muster mine, so the foreman sent her off to be a guild foundling
  • Vow: Feyd is driven by her vow to protect her ward
  • Vendetta: The father of Feyd’s ward can never forget her part in his wife’s indefidelity, and likes to see her suffer regardless of how useful she is
  • Dark Secret: Feyd had a love affair with a Decados noble
  • Strong Addiction (Alchohol): Feyd turned to the bottle after she lost the love of her life, and has a couple of glasses of spirits each evening (and a regular sip from a hip flask). She starts to suffer if she goes longer than half a week.
  • Outlaw, wanted dead or alive: Feyd is wanted by Hawkwood for abandoning her post, leading to the death of a Hawkwood noble (they don’t know just how directly leading it was).

Psy Powers

  • Shadowing (Shadow Dance, Stone Wall, Veiled Face, Iron Brow, Invisibility)
  • Sympathy (Bonding, Sanctum, Totem, Coven Brand, Mojo Bond, Sever Bond, Coven Bond)
  • Soma (Toughening, Strengthening, Quickening, Hardening, Sizing, Masking, Recovering, Slowing, Closing)

Nanny Feyd

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