Katarian Cheedanga

Pet, Slave, Love Toy, Bodyguard. A Courtesan with Hidden Extras.

Known As: “Kat” Race: Human (Mostly) Homeworld:
Alliance: Those Who Trade Subgroup: Courtesans Rank: None (Slave)


Body Mind Spirit
Strength 3 Wits 8 Extrovert 5 / Introvert 1
Dexterity 8 Perception 7 Passion 5 / Calm 1
Endurance 5 Tech 3 Faith 1 / Ego 3
Wyrd O O O O O Vitality O O O O O O O O O O


Natural Learned Skills
Charm 8 Etiquette 3
Dodge 3 Knavery 3
Fight 8 Read: Urthish
Impress 3 Social: Acting 5
Melee 3 Streetwise 2
Observe 8 Torture 3
Shoot 3
Sneak 3 Speak: Vorox
Vigour 3

Blessings and Curses

Name +/- Attribute Situation
Popular +2 Extrovert Amongst Customers
Vain -2 Perception When Flattered

Benefices and Afflictions

Addiction to Nitrogen (2 Dose/Week)
Lost Worlder
Cash (600 FB – 300 FB for Synthsilk “clothing”) 300FB


Kat is from a Lost World, whos Jumpgate has only functioned intermittently in the past 15 years or so… she was discovered in a cryo cannister by a contingent of Li Halan controlled Vorox Commandos, one of whom took a shine to her and called her ‘Cheedanga’ which means “Little Bondmate” (The closest phrase they have to “Little Brother” or “Little Sister”)

She was “saved” from her “unnatural sinfulness” by being sent to a far off chapter of the Courtesans, to fulfil some of the more unorthodox clients needs… Clients willing to pay WAY above Guild Price for something unusual.

Eventually, she was bought (probably by Chris) as a “pet/toy/slave” for him, her more obvious assets enabling her to serve as Bodyguard as well as pet.

Katarian Cheedanga

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