Helena (Troi) Harrison

Inquisitor Vila`toth's 'Pet' Street Rat

Known As: “Helena” Race: Human Homeworld: Criticorum
Alliance: Those Who Trade Subgroup: Scravers Rank: Associate(3)


Body Mind Spirit
Strength 6 Wits 7 Extrovert 1 / Introvert 5
Dexterity 8 Perception 8 Passion 1 / Calm 5
Endurance 5 Tech 8 Faith 4 / Ego 3
Wyrd O O O O O Vitality O O O O O O O O O


Natural Learned Skills
Charm 7 Knavery 8
Dodge 7 Lock Picking 8
Fight 3 Sleight of Hand 8
Impress 3 Speak: Scraver Cant
Melee 7 Streetwise 8
Observe 7 Lore Pancreator 6
Shoot 3
Sneak 8
Vigour 7

Blessings and Curses

Name +/- Attribute Situation
Needle in a Haystack +2 Sneak In Crowds
Disrespectful -2 Extrovert Around Authority Figures
Greedy -2 Wits When Money Is Involved
Guilty -2 ALL ROLLS When Opposing the Church
Short -1 Vitality and Base Run = 8m

Benefices and Afflictions
1000 FB Cash (2FB remaining)
Gossip Network: Knowledge of the Black Markets on All of the Known Worlds
Oath of Fealty to Vila`toth (Martial)
Orphan: (Parents Died in Major House Fire on Criticorum)
Outlaw: (Wanted on all Al Malik Worlds, Dead or Alive)

Fire Retardant Synthsilk Greyish Hooded Robes (350FB) Armour 4d (7d vs Fire)
Thieves Keys (5FB)
Scrambler Pad (100FB)
Whisper Pin (100FB)
TL7 Fusion Torch (Light for 1 Week Continuous) (35FB)
Dirk (x2) – Attack: Dx+Melee, Damage: 5*, Str: 2, Size: M – (* Including Strength)


Helena (Troi) Harrison

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