Gur`Gari (Deceased)

Ex Commando. Now Rogue, Protecting His 'Little Sister'.

Known As: “Gregory” Race: Vorox Homeworld: Ungavorox
Alliance: Those Who Differ Subgroup: Civilised Vorox Rank: Adolescent


Body Mind Spirit
Strength 9 Wits 4 Extrovert 3 / Introvert 1
Dexterity 8 Perception 5 Passion 6 / Calm 1
Endurance 9 Tech 2 Faith 3 / Ego 1
Wyrd O O O O O O Vitality O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O


Natural Learned Skills
Charm 3 Archery (Use Shoot)
Dodge 4 Bolorang (Use Shoot)
Fight 6 Read Urthish
Impress 4 Remedy 3
Melee 8 Speak Urthish
Observe 4 Survival 5
Shoot 8 Tracking 6
Sneak 6
Vigour 6

Blessings and Curses

Name +/- Attribute Situation
Predatory +2/-2 Perception/Calm When Hungry
Uncouth -2 Extrovert In Social Situations
Sensitive Smell +1 Perception With Sense of Smell
Vain -2 Perception When Being Flattered
Missing Eye -2 Perception Due To Limited Field Of Vision
-1 Shoot Due To Lack Of Depth Perception
Ambidexterity +4 Dexterity To Offset ‘Offhand’ Penalty
Horrible Scars -2 Charm When Scars are Visible

Benefices and Afflictions
Cash: 1000FB (1FB Remaining)
Vendetta: Group (Vorox Commando Unit), Wants to Kill Gur`Gari

Racial Bonuses and Penalties
Giant ( Base Move 14m, +2 Vitality )
Bite ( Dex + Fight, Initiative -1, 5d Damage )
Extra Limbs ( 6 Total, Can be used as Feet or Hands )

Ostracised ( Xeno Life Form, 2nd Class Citizen of the Empire ) (4)
No Occult ( Cannot Naturally Awaken Psionic / Theurgic Potential )


Gur`Gari (Deceased)

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