Father Gregory

A dread sensation grips the soul of all young choir boys across the planet........... He Cometh

Known As: “Father Gregory” Race: Human Homeworld: XXX
Alliance: Those Who Pray Subgroup: Orthodox Rank: Priest


Body Mind Spirit Theurgy
Strength 3 Wits 7 Extrovert 8 / Introvert 2 7
Dexterity 3 Perception 5 Passion 3 / Calm 5
Endurance 3 Tech 3 Faith 7 / Ego 1
Wyrd O O O O O O O O O O Vitality O O O O O O O O


Natural Learned Skills
Charm 4 Focus 5
Dodge 8 Lore (Theology) 2
Fight 3 Oratory 6
Impress 7 Remedy 9
Melee 4 Empathy 5
Observe 4 Read Latin
Shoot 3 Speak Latin
Sneak 3 Read Urthish
Vigour 5

Blessings and Curses

Name +/- Attribute Situation
Bad Hearing -2 Perception Hearing Only
Beast Foe -2 Interaction With Beasts Only
Bad Liver -2 Endurance Vs. Toxins
Vain -1 Perception When Being Flattered
Hero +2 Impress
Eloquent +2 Extrovert Trying To Sway Others Through Speech (Sermons!)
Pious +2 Extrovert Among The Sinful
Austere +2 Passion Among The Flock

Theurgic Rites
*Consecration (Lvl1, Faith + Focus, GP, touch, one act, 1w)
*The Devotional Liturgy (Lvl 2, Extrovert + Oratory, L, sensory, prolonged, 1w)
*Armour Of The Pancreator (Brother Battle Version) (Lvl 3, Faith + Dodge, LG Prolonged, 1w)
*The Laying On Of Hands (Lvl 3, Calm + Remedy, P, touch, instant,1w)
*Calm The Flock (Lvl 4, Extrovert + Oratory, LG, sensory, 1w)
*Fruitful Multiplication (Lvl 5, Faith + Vigor or Sleight of Hand, LP, touch, perpetual, 1w)
*Scent Of Evil (Lvl 2, Perception + Empathy, GP, sensory, prolonged, 1w)

Benefices and Afflictions
*Dark Secret (2)
*Vendetta (Misery/Group)
*Fallen From Grace
*Dark Secret (3)
*Addiction (Drink)(2)
*Vestments (Orthodox Robes)
*Income 3000 Firebirds

*Studded Leather Armour (5 AP)
*Shocker Staff
*2 Energy Cells
*Med Pack (basic)
*Whisper Pin
*Omega Bible (Hardback)
*Music Player (Palm)
*Music Recording (Choir Boys Greatest Hits)
*37 Firebirds


My God….. His sermons are amazing…..

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Father Gregory

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