Hadrian Sawston

A Twitchy Ex-Soldier, Still Caught In a Long Finished War

Known As: “Buzz” Race: Human Homeworld: Vera Cruz
Alliance: Those Who Trade Subgroup: Muster Rank: Private (3)


Body Mind Spirit
Strength 6 Wits 6 Extrovert 1 / Introvert 3
Dexterity 7 Perception 7 Passion 5 / Calm 1
Endurance 7 Tech 7 Faith 1 / Ego 3
Theurgy 5 / Hubris 0
Wyrd O O O O O Vitality O O O O O O O O O O O O O


Natural Learned Skills
Charm 3 Art: Culinary 4
Dodge 3 Drive: Landcraft 4
Fight 3 Etiquette 1
Impress 7 Mech Redemption 4
Melee 8 Read: Urthish
Observe 6 Remedy 4
Shoot 8 Science: Chemistry 4
Sneak 8 Warfare: Demolitions 8
Vigour 3

Blessings and Curses

Name +/- Attribute Situation
Bold +2 Passion When Acting When Others Hesitate
Disciplined +2 Calm In Combat Conditions
Callous -2 Extrovert When Asked For Aid
Twitchy -2 Calm Around Strangers

Benefices and Afflictions
4000 FB Cash (See Equipment Below)

Chameleonic Synthsilk (700FB) – Armour Dice: 4, Dex Penalty: 0, Sneak Bonus: 4/6
Custom Sniper Rifle “Georgia” (900FB) – Attack: Dex + Shoot, Damage: 8, Range: 75/100
Duelling Shield (700FB) – Protection: 5/10, Hits:15
50x 13mm Normal Slugs (3FB/Shot)
10x 13mm Needler Rounds (Damage Dice Which Roll 1-3, Ignore Physical Armour) (6FB/Shot)
10x 13mm Sunder Slugs (Damage: 9, Half Targets Physical Armour) (6FB/Shot)
10x 13mm Vorox Claws (Damage: 10) (5FB/Shot)
10x 13mm Blast Capsules (Damage: 11, Dice Which Roll 1-3, Ignore Energy Shields) (9FB/Shot)
10x 13mm Ukari Needle Slugs (Holds 1 Dose of Vorox Poison) (45FB/Shot)
Large Demolitions Rig (200damage worth of Explosives)
Kurgan Side Sword (400FB) – Attack: Dex + Melee, Damage: 6, Str: 2, Size: L
Kurgan Side Sword Leg Sheath – Attack: Dex + Melee, Damage: (Kick+3), Str: 1, Size: S
Hazat Duelling Rapier (140FB) – Attack: Dex + Melee, Damage: 5 (+3), Str: 3, Size: L
*Hazat Duelling Rapiers feature a Vibrating Blade and a Shocker.
(Damage required to Trigger Shield is raised by 1, and does +3d (Energy) on Successful Hit)
2 Spare Energy Cels (10FB Each)


Buzzard is a nickname; no-one knows his birth name, and he’s not telling. And not just because he hasn’t spoken since his legs got blown off behind enemy lines. Buzz can read and write, which helps, but his friends know what he’s saying without pens and paper. Buzz and his squad was working behind enemy lines intelligence gathering on something big. Spook’s team were on extraction. Things got messy, and Spook ended up dragging Buzz the whole way out – just her and him survived from two eight-man teams. The irony was that Buzz was so messed up he couldn’t tell command any of the intelligence he’d spent six months gathering. A lot of people died, Buzz was discharged and Spook was demoted. And that ended one spectacularly messy term of service.

Buzz survived thanks to a dose of elixir, and has since had work on his legs. They work pretty well now – for a mess of flesh and metal. He still won’t speak, and at any sign of combat he hides in a corner. Not a coward, just seen too much. One thing that came out of it all though was the cooking. A damned natural. Mentally he hasn’t left the jungle, meaning he can’t leave Spook’s side, even though Spook isn’t Spook anymore – she’s Feyd. She’s past the fighting and blood (well at least on that scale) and doesn’t need a squaddy, but a cook/mixologist is really quite handy (he’s good at polishing weaponry too).

How Buzzard got his nickname is a mystery, one of his team-mates said he fell off a roof during a flanking manoeuvre on his first mission and landed on an enemy sniper while screeching like his namesake, but squaddies love to bullshit.

Hadrian Sawston

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